Plastic Glasses

Which are the right glasses for me?  See below to compare the unique characteristics of each brand of glasses.

Strahl Polycarbonate

Strahl glasses are considered the best plastic glasses on the market.  You will not find a tougher, more durable glass that can withstand such extreme temperature changes.  These glasses can withstand boiling water and are safe to wash in any part of the dishwasher, at any temperature.  They are the best glasses for use in the sun and are unbreakable with normal use.

By discretely adding more polycarbonate, these glasses are designed to have the same weight as an equivalent crystal product and users remark on how they would not know they are drinking from a plastic glass.  We have customers using these glasses for 10 years before replacing them.

Thunder Polycarbonate

Thunder glasses have been designed to have the appearance of contemporary glassware.  They are dishwasher-safe to a maximum temperature of 60°C and made from tough polycarbonate.

There is a wide range of glasses from stemware to shot glasses, along with a range of pitchers and decanters.

Thunder products come by the whole case, normally 12 units, and by the half-case, normally 6 units.

GET glassware

GET glasses are a budget option that retains both style and durability.  They are dishwasher safe to a maximum temperature of 60°C,

This range include some unique cocktail glasses, decanters and jugs, along with tumbler and highball glasses.