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EU customs are clearly intent on punishing UK companies shipping to the EU.  We have had thousands of pounds of sales returned to the UK with no justification, inflated values and customs charges and opportunistic couriers adding their extras and doing a poor job all round – DHL.  Until we find a better way to do things, we will only ship to a UK address.




Any products returned to us must be in a sellable condition for a refund to be issued.  Do not dispose of the packaging, any plastic bags or remove any labels if you wish to return a product in exchange for a refund.  Please contact us before making any returns.  You can complete a returns form here.



Caring for your glassware

Dishwashing Plastic Glasses.

All of our polycarbonate products are safe wash in industrial and domestic dishwashers, up to 140°F/60°C, in the top rack.  Products from RB Drinks are safe to wash on cycles with temperatures up to 265°F/130°C.  This would be safe to wash in top-end domestic dishwashers on higher-intensity cycles.  Check the temperature ranges of your cycles with the manufacturer to ensure that you cause no damage to your glassware.

Industrial glasswashers operate below this temperature threshold.  “Energy Star”, Bosch, Meile, Thermador & Viking domestic dishwashers may have hot water temperatures greater than 140°F. Many higher-end dishwashers also offer a “steam clean” cycle. If you own any of these machines, your polycarbonate, SAN, and Tritan™ products must be hand washed. No plastics can survive the high temperatures that these dishwasher use; we cannot be responsible for any damage caused by putting polycarbonate, SAN or Tritan™ items in dishwashers.

Ensure that your plastic glasses are not rubbing together during the washing cycle

Failure to follow these guidelines may void any manufacturer’s warranty.


Your Posh Plastic glasses will last you a lifetime if they are treated correctly.

Plastic will scratch! Anything made of plastic will easily scratch, so you should be careful not to treat these glasses the same as glass.

Don’t let the glasses rub against each other.

Keep the glasses stood on their base whenever possible.

Avoid impacts directly on the rim of the glasses, this is a weak area and sharp impacts will dent the rim.

Be gentle when washing and drying the glasses as cloths can leave scratches if rubbed on the glass hard enough.

Ensure that cloths are clean and free from grit and dirt.

Avoid contact with anything corrosive.

You can clean your glasses in the dishwasher, all of our plastic glassware is guaranteed not to lose clarity for 2000 domestic dishwasher cycles. Industrial glass washers are much less intense and Posh Plastic glasses will wash the same as glassware with no ill-effects.

If you notice a brown colouring, your dishwasher needs more rinse-aid and/or detergent. Wash the glasses in hot, soapy water with a soft cloth to remove and build up caused by this.

If you’re not using a dishwasher, gently wash the glasses in warm soapy water and rinse. Do not use force, especially when drying with dry cloths, as this may lead to light scratching of the surface.

Comparing different types of plastics

Acrylic and Polycarbonate are both rigid glasses designed for continuous use. Acrylic is much cheaper than polycarbonate but the plastic is more brittle and will not withstand any heat. Posh Plastics only sell plastic glassware that is durable enough to withstand dishwashing so all of our glasses are made with polycarbonate plastic.

Polycarbonate has several levels of quality. The cheaper the plastic, the less they look like glass and the plastic will distort the light and look opaque. All plastic glasses are moulded and have a visible join where these two halves meet.  The cheaper the plastic, the more this line stands out.  Thunder wine glasses and champagne flutes are made with a single-piece mould, so these products have no visible join line.


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