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Thunder Pitchers

Thunder Pitchers

Thunder Premium Quality Plastic Pitchers.

These high quality plastic glasses are the best on the market.  Elegant, glasslike and dishwasher safe, you and your guests will be amazed to find that they are not real glassware.  

Made from virgin polycarbonate for superb clarity these glasses are virtually unbreakable.  

Dishwasher safe, top rack only.  Avoid Powerball tablets.

Low, normal or regular dishwasher cycles only! Higher temperature settings (over 140 degrees F) such as “heavy duty”, “sanitize”, or “pots & pans” will cause cracks.

Turn off any “heat dry” or “heated dry” settings; these high temperature settings will also cause polycarbonate to crack.

To safely remove sticker residue: An oil-based spray lubricant such as WD-40 works the best, but you may use Goo-Gone or a liquid vegetable oil (Wesson). These are safe to use on polycarbonate glasses. Do not use nail polish remover or turpentine, as these will damage the plastic.

"Energy Star", Bosch, Meile, Thermador & Viking dishwashers may have hot water temperatures greater than 140 degrees. Many higher-end dishwashers also offer a "steam clean" cycle. If you own any of these machines, your polycarbonate, SAN, and Tritan™ products must be hand washed. No plastics can survive the high temperatures that these dishwasher use; we cannot be responsible for any damage caused by putting polycarbonate, SAN or Tritan™ items in dishwashers.

Failure to follow these guidelines may void any manufacturer’s warranty.

Show your class with your plastic glass, choose Thunder for unbeatable quality and durability.

Thunder 1.5ltr Pitcher

Thunder 1.5ltr Pitcher

1.5ltr Pitcher - Sold Individually Made from virtually unbreakable, dishwa..

£21.52 Ex Tax: £17.93

Thunder 2ltr Pitcher

Thunder 2ltr Pitcher

2ltr Pitcher - Sold Individually Made from virtually unbreakable, dishwash..

£32.16 Ex Tax: £26.80

Thunder 32oz Pitcher x12

Thunder 32oz Pitcher x12

1ltr Pitcher - Pack of 12 Made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. ..

£67.39 Ex Tax: £56.16

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