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High quality product and service

Thank you so much for your swift delivery of our order. When I received it, I was concerned that I had mistakenly ordered the wrong glasses. They are such good quality they felt and looked like real glasses. Thank you so much for a high quality product and service.


V Colley


Jult like glassware - in fact better......

Morning Adrian, the bowls arrived this morning and we are really very pleased with them!

Look just like glassware...in fact better than some glassware.

Many thanks for your help and rest assured, we will be spreading the word here in N Yorks!




Took delivery of the glasses today OMG they are fantastic & can't wait to use them! Nikki, Bordeaux


couldn't believe they are not glass

Great!  Many thanks for your help, I am delighted to have found your website, I will be telling my friends about your products and your excellent service! They are just right!  Lovely feel to them, my son couldn't believe they weren't glass (they're for him, he's moving into a little cottage down the road in April!).  I may well order some more for our own use in the future, several of our glasses have cracked or shattered recently in the washing-up bowl! CH, Surrey


great customer service

Thank you for your service. It has been a really nice shopping experience. We received the goods yesterday.



through the dishwasher 3 or 4 times a week

Very pleased with them, exactly what I was looking for. The kids use them all the time and like it because they can have ‘grown-up’ glasses. Even the adults tend to use them in preference to ‘real’ glass. They must go through the dishwasher 3 or 4 times a week but after 6 months or so, they still look like glass (or better in some ways, as they don’t seem to suffer from the chemical degradation that glass eventually suffers in the dishwasher.

Can’t praise them enough to be honest, would definitely recommend them and you to friends and other parents. Buying experience was very good – you responded to my pre-order questions very promptly and your answers helped me choose and were borne out by the product. Goods were delivered very quickly.

C.A. - Farnham


stylish, durable, hard-wearing

I ordered your glasses to use on our boat. I was looking for something stylish, durable and hard-wearing and I am very happy with my purchase.


M. Cutler - At anchor, Ibiza, Spain

impressed with the quality

We purchased the glasses for a gift for friends as a thank you. They seemed very pleased. We were impressed with the quality and will be buying some for ourselves for next summer. Thank you also for delivering them in person.

P. Trotman - Crewe









quite simply and unashamedly 5-star

My young nephew parked his little bottom on the edge of my patio table - my patio table tipped - the glasses slid with unstoppable alacrity to the concrete - galaxy of glistening glass sparkled underfoot. That is the 'Why' I chose Posh Plastics. The 'How' we use them is brief: with family and friends, in the garden, oft replenished! I love them because they are beautiful to look at, superbly crafted and don't object to the rigours of my ancient Zanussi dishwasher! The children love them because they don't have to listen to the endless refrain 'Mind my glass!' whilst they dance the jig all over the patio - and because they can juggle with them when they're empty...! Then there's the customer service: I found the site through a Google search for 'plastic glasses'. Amongst the rubbish I uncovered a jewel! I e-mailed with a question. The response was immediate and helpful.....I put the purchase on my 'round-to-it' list. A couple of days later, Adrian dropped into my inbox with a polite enquiry as to whether he'd been helpful enough and could he do any more to assist me in my decision-making. So, Customer Service? - none better, none more friendly and personal, none more efficient - quite simply and unashamedly 5-star.

Mo - Twickenham


great for use round the pool

They were great for use round the pool as real glasses if broken can be a problem and most plastic glasses look cheap and plastic whereas yours almost look like real glass and feel real quality.


D.Cannon - Alicante

fond of good wines

We have just bought a new sailing yacht where it is important to have unbreakable glasses. Unfortunately we are also very fond of good wines and the idea of "plastic glasses" was decidedly abhorrent. We found your brand on the web and hoped that they would be as close to glass as possible. So far we are not disappointed.

CS - Leicester

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