Plastic Glasses

Plastic glasses are a fantastic alternative to glass, and are suitable for a variety of different occasions. Here at Posh Plastics, our plastic glasses are manufactured to extremely high standards and look incredibly similar to their glass counterparts. As we sell these glasses in various designs, you don’t need to worry about compromising on style..


Polycarbonate Glasses - Plastic plates bowls

At Posh Plastics, we are proud to offer polycarbonate glasses which are unbelievably durable and which have been subjected to a tough ‘hammer test’. Whether you’re looking for glasses for the dinner table, a function or a picnic, our polycarbonate glasses are the perfect, long lasting and simply unbreakable solution. 


Unbreakable Glasses

If you’re looking for high quality, unbreakable glasses then look no further than Posh Plastics. Standard glassware may look beautiful, although it generally can’t stand the test of time. However, our unbreakable glasses are equally as elegant, long lasting and very affordable- which makes them the perfect choice whatever the occasion.


Plastic Wine Glasses

At Posh Plastics, our plastic wine glasses are incredibly popular with those who want to invest in stylish glasses which are also very tough. Standard wine glasses are very delicate and can break easily when in use or in storage. Our plastic wine glasses offer the look and feel of glass- without the fragility.


Dishwasher Safe Non Acrylic Glasses

Looking for acrylic glasses which won’t break and which won’t break the bank? Then you have come to the right place, as here at Posh Plastics we can offer you a three year guarantee that the glasses which you buy from us won’t shatter. Our unbreakable alternatives to acrylic glasses come in many stunning styles to suit just about any occasion.

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