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With a glass-like heavy feel, you would use Strahl glasses without knowing they were made from polycarbonate.


Safe to wash in any part of any type of industrial or domestic dishwasher.

Utopia Quality Polycarbonate

Classic lead-crystal styled stemware, highballs and tumblers, or contemporary stemware that wouldn't look out-of-place in a high-end restaurant.  With the look and feel of glassware, these plastic glasses are made with tough polycarbonate, so they can look delicate but can withstand heavy treatment without breaking.

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Gatsby Sommelier
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Venture Stacking Diamond

Safe to wash in any type of industrial or domestic dishwasher up to 140°F/60°F.

Thunder Polycarbonate

With a wide range of styles, the Thunder range has everything you need to set up a professional and stylish bar with high quality polycarbonate plastic glasses.  

Tumblers  |  Highballs  |  Stemware |  Cocktails  |  Beer Glasses  |  Shots  |  Pitchers  |  Carafes  |  Ice Buckets

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Safe to wash in any type of industrial or domestic dishwasher up to 140°F/60°F.

It’s likely that you would use glass to serve your drinks if it were possible, but safety concerns or regulation dictate that you need to use plastic glasses.  Whether you need plastic glasses for the beach, in the house or in a night-club, then the decisions you are about to make will have a lasting impact, for better or worse.

Plastic is a very different product to glass.  You cannot compare the raw materials, productions process or the costs involved with a glass equivalent; just as you cannot compare glass and plastic when it comes to withstanding hammer blows.  The two products are only common in that they share the same utility.

Good quality polycarbonate plastic glasses will last much longer than glass.  A night club may see the initial investment as expensive, but they will spend far less over the first year than they would on replacing glassware.  Polycarbonate is tough and it will last you a long time.  A night club can get 3-5 years use out of a plastic glass, so the initial investment is tiny in comparison to the cost of replacing cheap glassware.

Because of the long-life capacity of plastic glasses, think very carefully about the quality of the plastic glasses you want to purchase.  One way or another, your plastic glasses will be a talking point and will affect the future of your business or the impression on your party guests.  Will your guests be chattering about the light-weight appalling plastic glasses or will they be literally amazed that the glass they are drinking from is in fact plastic and not glass, as they had imagined whilst using it?

Show your class with your plastic glass and leave a long-lasting impression on your guests.  A little extra goes a long way over the years.

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Dishwasher Safe Plastic Glassware

Plastic glasses are made from a variety of different plastics.  The cost of item is based on the quantity of plastic used, the quality of the plastic and the length of the annealing process used to set the plastic rigid.

A glass may have the heavy feel of a normal high quality glass but, if it's made from acrylic or low grade polycarbonate, then any exposure to heat could fracture or cloud your plastic glasses.  Dishwashers, microwaves, exposure to direct sunlight and even washing-up water could ruin a glass that looks and feels great in the shop.

At Posh Plastics we only sell plastic glasses made from high quality polycarbonate.  All of our products are safe to use in the dishwasher* and to expose to heat.  Even our lighter weight products have been tested through 2000 dishwasher cycles.

The Thunder plastic glasses are designed to be made with more plastic, to give extra weight and a more realistic feel to those drinking from them.  Many people will drink from a Thunder glass and have no idea that the glass they have just used is made from plastic.

The annealing, or baking process, that the glasses go through, bakes the plastic to increase the durability.  As this represents the highest cost to the production process, many manufacturers shorten this stage.  Thunder glasses are considered the clearest, most durable plastic glasses available because of the length of this baking process and are therefore slightly more expensive.

Given that all polycarbonate glassware will last quite a long time, the cost difference over time makes Thunder a better value product than cheaper plastic glasses.

*All of our polycarbonate products are safe wash in industrial and domestic dishwashers, up to 140°F/60°C, in the top rack.  Products from RB Drinks are safe to wash on cycles with temperatures up to 265°F/130°C.  This would be safe to wash in top-end domestic dishwashers on higher-intensity cycles.  Check the temperature ranges of your cycles with the manufacturer to ensure that you cause no damage to your glassware.


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