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High quality polycarbonate glasses and melamine crockery.                                            

Posh Plastics source and supply high-quality polycarbonate plastic glasses, with the weight and clarity of crystal whilst being safe to use in the dishwasher*. Cheaper acrylic plastic glassware will fracture if subjected to heat, our high quality plastic glasses are even safe left in direct sunlight - perfect for yachts, pools and outdoor dining.

Our polycarbonate glassware by Thunder is regarded as durable high quality plastic glasses are all made from tough virgin polycarbonate.

Thunder polycarbonate glasses are well finished and made to have the weight of glass tumblers and highballs.  These are perfect for when you want to give the appearance of glass with the practicality of plastic.  RBDRINKS® range is renowned for having the perfect balance between weight and clarity resulting in products with unrivalled quality and value for money. They are available in different colours.  All of our products are dishwasher safe and made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate.

We have a broad range of stemware, tumblers and cocktail glasses from GET.  These are made from BPA-Free SAN plastic.  They are dishwasher-safe but less durable than polycarbonate plastic glasses.

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* Safe to wash in industrial dishwashers and domestic dishwashers that do not use Powerball tablets.  For best results, to maintain the finish of your glasses, we recommend hand-washing.


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Melamine crockery and plastic tableware.       

Our melamine plates and bowls are glazed to give a finish like porcelain.  They are hard-wearing and dishwasher safe and come in 3 stylish designs: Diamond White, Portofino and Cambridge.  There is also a complementing range of melamine cups and saucers in a range of colours.

The Inspire range of crockery is almost identical to the GET melamine, so identical that they are impossible to tell apart by holding them.  Inspire is available in a range of bright, vibrant colours and is about two thirds of the price of the premium melamine crockery.

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About Plastic Glassware

Plastic glasses are made from a variety of different plastics.  The cost of item is based on the quantity of plastic used, the quality of the plastic and the length of the annealing process used to set the plastic rigid.

A glass may have the heavy feel of a normal high quality glass but, if it's made from acrylic or low grade polycarbonate, then any exposure to heat could fracture or cloud your plastic glasses.  Dishwashers, microwaves, exposure to direct sunlight and even washing-up water could ruin a glass that looks and feels great in the shop.

At Posh Plastics we only sell plastic glasses made from high quality polycarbonate.  All of our products are safe to use in the dishwasher* and to expose to heat.  Even our lighter weight products have been tested through 2000 dishwasher cycles.

The Thunder plastic glasses are designed to be made with more plastic, to give extra weight and a more realistic feel to those drinking from them.  Many people will drink from a Thunder glass and have no idea that the glass they have just used is made from plastic.

The annealing, or baking process, that the glasses go through, bakes the plastic to increase the durability.  As this represents the highest cost to the production process, many manufacturers shorten this stage.  Thunder glasses are considered the clearest, most durable plastic glasses available because of the length of this baking process and are therefore slightly more expensive.

Given that all polycarbonate glassware will last quite a long time, the cost difference over time makes Thunder a better value product than cheaper plastic glasses.

*Thunder glassses are safe to wash in industrial dishwashers and domestic dishwashers that do not use Powerball tablets.  For best results, to maintain the finish of your glasses, we recommend hand-washing.


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